K Design Missoula: Home Improvement Company with High Pressure Sales Tactics and Limited Support for Marketing Directors

K Design Missoula Review

K Design Missoula is a home improvement company that sells and installs siding. They have a large catalog of products and offer financing options. The company also offers a warranty on its work.

k-designers hires full time sales people who get a good base salary and full benefits and can pay their bills. Their marketing directors (MD) are 1099 independent contractors. New MDs are promised riches but it takes 3-6 months to see real money.


Many customers were pleased with the installation process. They complimented the crews’ quality of work and speed. However, some homeowners had problems with requesting repairs. Some reported high-pressure sales tactics and ignored customer service calls.

During the panel, the attendees explored how to incorporate the community’s values and needs into a project. The panel took as its touchstone the IFLA/Systematic Public Library of the Year Award 2022-winning MPL building designed by MSR.

K-Designers is very hard on their MD’s (Marketing Directors). They expect them to sell a large amount of product in order to make a living. They pay them no salary or expenses, yet they have them sign a contract to be an independent contractor. Many of these people are desperate for a job, and they dream of making it big at K-Designers. But once they don’t make it, the company simply moves on to another MD. This is why very few MD’s survive long at K-Designers.

Customer Service

While a majority of K-Designers customers are satisfied with their home improvements, many complain about high pressure sales tactics and poor communication. They also cite delayed start dates and inexperienced local installation crews. Homeowners are also unhappy with the lack of customer service from K-Designers, including ignored phone calls and refusal to repair problems.

While K-Designers claims to have a team of ‘Directors’ to answer your questions, these people are actually 1099 independent contractors who receive no benefits, no expenses and no taxes. VERY FEW MD’s make it past their first month of working for the company, as they discover that they must run 50 appointments a month to sell 3-5 projects and spend 23 days away from their homes and families.

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K-Designers offers a 50-year warranty that lasts as long as the original owner keeps the home. It also offers a lifetime guarantee for its bathroom remodeling services. The company provides a full range of services, from planning to installation. Moreover, it offers a wide selection of America’s Dream entry and patio doors.

Its sales representatives are called Marketing Directors. They are 1099 independent contractors who are paid a commission only for new sales. It takes 3-6 months for most MD’s to cash out their first sale. It is no wonder that only a very few MD’s make it at K-Designers long term.

The company’s warranty is void if the products are mishandled, misused, neglected or subject to abuse, accident or vandalism. Customers should carefully examine all items upon delivery, and take photos of any damages. Failure to follow the recommendations listed in the product Care and Maintenance document will also void this warranty. In addition, the company does not provide information about finance rates.

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The Growing Popularity of Customizable Canvas Prints for Home Decor

Design District Art Canvas

When it comes to wall art, the options are seemingly endless. From the neutral stacked diptych to the long pill mirror, there’s truly something for everyone.

Canvas prints are a hot market that offers plenty of opportunities for sellers. This article will explore the reasons why selling customizable canvas prints is a great option for ecommerce sellers.

Canvas Prints Are a Hot Market

Canvas prints are one of the fastest-growing trends in home decor. These pieces of art add a modern touch to any room and are easy to customize to your taste. However, it is important to remember that quality does matter. Some companies produce their prints using cheap materials and subpar printing processes, which can result in a print that is visually unappetizing and prone to damage.

A high-quality canvas print should accurately represent the colors, details, and values of an original piece of artwork. It should also be made with a durable material that will stand up to the elements. In addition, a good company will offer options for finishing and mounting the canvas to make it more appealing.

Canvas Prints Are Easy to Customize

Unlike glass wall hangings, which can warp over time, canvas prints can stand the test of time. They can also be easily customized, making them the ideal choice for a home or office space.

Posterjack offers a wide range of sizes for custom canvas prints. Whether you’re looking for one small print to place on your mantle or an entire gallery wall, you can find the right size with our easy-to-use online design studio.

Upload a personal photo or use our templates to create a unique canvas that will bring your room to life. You can also choose to add text in addition to or instead of a photo. Choose from Family Rules, Inspirational Quotes & Sayings, or a classic saying like Peanuts to create a one-of-a-kind canvas that will set you apart from other decorators. Canvas prints are made of UV cured latex and can last over a century with proper care. Just dust it with a dry towel from time to time and keep out of direct sunlight.

Canvas Prints Are Affordable

With so many different sizes and styles to choose from, canvas prints are an affordable way to decorate your home. Whether you want one large photo or a gallery of photos, you can create the perfect look for any space. You can also personalize your print with text to commemorate a special occasion or make it unique for gift giving.

The price of a canvas print depends on the quality and finish, as well as any additional features like backing, framing, or custom mount systems. High-quality canvas prints are made with durable materials that can stand up to sunlight and other environmental factors. They can also be displayed without fear of warping or damage.

Some online companies offer special deals and sales on canvas prints. For example, Elephant Stock offers a variety of options, including laminated and UV coated canvas. They also offer discounts on framing and canvas sizing options. They can even print multiple photos on a single canvas for a collage display.

Canvas Prints Are Eco-Friendly

With the focus on sustainability extending to almost every sector of society, it’s natural that many artists want to make sure they are doing their part. Using eco-friendly paints and canvas canvases is one way to do this. However, a lot of artists struggle with finding the right supplies that allow them to stay true to their principles without having to sacrifice their craft.

In this regard, canvas prints are an ideal choice. They are durable and easy to maintain. They also require less space than paper-based posters and other types of decor. In addition, they can be printed on sustainable, water-based inks that are free of harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, canvas prints can be made on demand instead of mass-produced. This eliminates overproduction and cuts down on waste. This is especially important for printing companies, as it enables them to cut down on their carbon footprint and improve their environmental performance. Moreover, it helps them meet the growing demands of environmentally conscious customers.

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Job opportunities in Dallas Design District available for creative individuals in art, upscale dining, and high-end showrooms.

Dallas Design District Jobs

The Dallas Design District is a neighborhood full of art galleries, upscale dining and high-end showrooms. It’s a place that attracts creative people and offers endless inspiration.

The website also features a job board for local vendors and helps them connect with job seekers. The jobs are available in a range of disciplines, including management.

Job Description

The Dallas Design District is an urban art neighborhood in the heart of Dallas, Texas. It features lively showcases, apparel retailers, and high-end restaurants. The district offers a comprehensive job board on its website to help local vendors attract talent. It also has a resume database to help employers speed up the hiring process.

Angeline Guido Design is a full service interiors firm that works nationally on large scale, high end residential projects. The company has offices in the Dallas Design District and works closely with clients on all phases of their project.

The position of a sales representative is critical to our business and success. The sales representative promotes our luxury product including furnishings, kitchen collections and closet systems while interacting with architects, designers, builders and developers. We offer a performance based compensation model. Applicants must have strong business acumen, an ability to call on the A & D community and enjoy working in a highly productive luxury retail showroom environment.

Job Requirements

The Dallas Design District has a dedicated website to help job seekers find local employment opportunities. The site also has a resume database to help employers find candidates faster. Unlike traditional job boards, the Dallas Design District website offers a unique search engine that filters by location and industry.

A high end retail lighting showroom located in the Dallas Design District is looking for a motivated Business Development / Sales Representative. The role is a performance based position. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience selling consultatively to Architects, Designers and Builders.

Assists the General Manager at Pakpao Thai – Design District under Apheleia Restaurant Group in meeting restaurant financial accountability through efficient operations, appropriate cost controls and profit management. Manages day-to-day operations, schedules labor, orders food and supplies, performs employee performance appraisals, carries out disciplinary actions, and trains. Reports directly to the General Manager and indirectly to ownership.


The Dallas Design District offers a comprehensive job board that allows businesses to post and search for job openings in the district. The website also features a resume database that can help employers find qualified candidates faster. However, the Dallas Design District website lacks standard job posting tools like employer branding and social media promotion.

To post a job on the Dallas Design District Job Board, click on “Job Board” in the main menu of the website. Then, choose the type of job you want to post and fill in the required fields. You will need to provide a link to your company’s website and your email address.

The salary associated with this position varies depending on location, experience, and qualifications. Here are some examples of salaries for Senior Designers in various cities:

Employment Opportunities

Known for its lively showrooms and apparel retailers, the Dallas Design District is home to a variety of employment opportunities. Its website offers a comprehensive job board and resume database to help local vendors find talent. However, the site has some missing features and is not as robust as more reputable online job boards.

Williamson Supply Company, a drapery wholesale business located in the Design District is seeking a dedicated, charming individual to fill the full-time position of Office Assistant. The position requires a high degree of professionalism and excellent customer service skills. The successful candidate will also have strong organizational skills and a keen interest in the field of window coverings.

This position is responsible for selling and servicing luxury products to Architects, Designers, Builders and Developers in the Dallas area. The Sales Rep will have the opportunity to earn a performance based income. To apply for this position, visit the website. All applications are required to be made using a single user account. Creating multiple accounts will jeopardize the status of your application.

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